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Wandering Totally Thames 2022

Wandering the Wilderness of Reality
Visit the 2 venues from 1 – 30 September 2022:
RSPB Rainham
Trinity Buoy Warf

Anna Keen Thames Estuary

Wandering the Wilderness of Newport

Clayden Gallery, Quay Arts Centre

17 Dec 2022 – 14 Jan 2023

Newport, Isle of Wight

February Issue


49. “Anna Keen is a British artist, born on the Isle of Wight and brought up on the Scottish island of Arran.
She is currently painting the Babylonian-type London skyline, which mutates constantly.
Specialising in inks and oil paint, she captures emotions with her striking pieces.
Featured is “London Dawn. Tower Bridge and The City“.
She has also published a sketch and prose book entitled “London the Metamorphosis”

London – The Metamorphosis

by Anna Keen
Critical Essay by Edward Lucie-Smith
As London evolves into a Babylonian-style city of lofty towers, the artist Anna Keen has been inspired to paint this London Metamorphosis. Like the eighteenth-century artist J.M. Gandy, who simultaneously painted London in ruins and in construction, Anna Keen takes us just beneath the surface of the metropolis, to where the emotional landscape lurks and to where the soul of London is heading. London-based art historian Edward Lucie-Smith has followed Anna Keen’s painting since 1995 in Rome.

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