‘Art with an Epic and Unsettling Edge’. Anna Keen is a British artist, born on the Isle of Wight in 1968 and brought up on the Isle of Arran in Scotland. She studied six years in the art school of Paris ‘l’Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts’, where she obtained her diploma with distinctions. She then lived and worked as an artist in Paris, Rome, Venice, London and Amsterdam. She has had over a dozen solo shows, participated in many collective shows, won several prizes and is represented in important private collections. She returned to the UK 4 years ago and is Resident Artist of Dimbola Museum in Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight.

She has a solo show of large oil paintings and drawings within in the Classic Boat Museum Gallery in East Cowes, Isle of Wight, for the season of 2023 called ‘The Solent and Other Waters’.

She is currently working on a series of Landscapes, Portraits and Marines from both London and Isle of Wight. Commissions considered.


Born: Isle of Wight, UK (1968)
Art School: l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris. Atelier Carron
Diploma: With Distinctions (Felicitations du jury) (1986 -1992)
Awards: Paul-Louis Weiller/Salon des Artistes Français/Andre et Berthe Noufflard/Morlotti/Bordighera/Sulmona
Publication: London The Metamorphosis, Unicorn Publishers (shop) (2020)

2023The Solent and Other Waters (Cowes, Isle of Wight, UK)
2023Wandering Tilbury (Thames Festival, Tilbury Fort, UK)
2023Fine-Art and Comic Relief. (Dimbola Museum, Isle of Wight, UK)
2022From Brackish water to Freshwater (Dimbola Museum, Isle of Wight, UK)
2022Wandering Newport (Clayden Gallery, Quay Arts Centre, Isle of Wight, UK)
2022Wandering Trinity Buoy Wharf and Rainham Marshes (Thames Festival, London, UK)
2022Mighty Thames of Oil and Ink. (Bermondsey Project Space Gallery, London, UK)
2022Mighty Thames of Oil and Ink. (Bermondsey Project Space, London, UK)
2022Wandering the Wilderness 22 (Thames Estuary Festival)
2022Wandering the Wilderness of Newport (Clayden Gallery, Quay Arts Centre, IOW)
2021Wandering The Thames Estuary, (Estuary 2021, multiple outdoor locations, UK
2021On Red, Rough and Shivering Sands, Thames Forts (Whitstable Museum, UK)
2021On Red, Rough, Shivering Sands The Thames Estuary Forts. (Whitstable Museum & Gallery, UK)
Dark Shades of Wight. (Dimbola Museum & Galleries, Isle of Wight, UK)
Wandering the Wilderness. (Estuary Festival Multiple location outdoor event Essex & Kent, UK)
2020Lockdown Landscapes and Pandemic Portraits (OXO Tower, London, UK)
2020London the Metamorphosis (OXO Tower, London)
2020Dark Shades of Wight (Dimbola Museum, Isle of Wight, UK)
2020Lockdown Landscapes and Pandemic Portraits (Oxo Tower, London, UK)
London The Metamorphosis. Totally Thames Festival (Oxo Tower, London, UK)
2018Porto Piccolo (Wolland Art Gallery, Trieste, Italy)
Portraits. (Ceylon Gallery, Dimbola Museum, Isle of Wight, UK)
Open Studio Show (Freshwater, Isle of Wight)
2017From the Isle of Wight to London (Kendalls Fine Art, Cowes, Isle of Wight, UK)
2011Open Studio Show (Ak9shed, Amsterdam, NL)
2009Open Studio Show (Ak9shed, Amsterdam, NL)
Castle 9 (Collection H.A. Swets Amsterdam, NL)
2007‘Consolations and Desolations’ (Galleria Il Polittico, Rome, Italy)
2005‘Retrospective’ (The Burnside Gallery, Isle of Arran, Scotland UK)
2001‘Summer Show’ (Gallery Davies and Tooth, London, UK)
2000‘Venezia Invernale’ (Galleria Il Polittico, Rome, Italy)
1999‘Viaggio in Italia’ (Galleria Jannone, Milan, Italy)
1997‘Fuori les Mures’ (Galleria Il Polittico, Rome, Italy)
1995‘Dessins’ (Gallerie la Regle d’Or, Paris, France)
1991‘Les Buveurs d’Alcohol’ (Connolley’s Corner, Paris, France)
2023Dimbola Museum (Isle of Wight, UK)
2022British Painting 3. (Bermondsey Project Space, London, UK)
2021Estuary Festival 2021. Essex & Kent, UK
2020Totally Thames Festival. London, UK
2018Contemporary British Art. Black Swan Gallery(Černá labuť). Prague, Czech Republic.
2016Be on the Way. Orsini Hall of Palace Chigi. Fornello, Italy
Seascapes & Isle of Arran. Whiting Bay Gallery. Isle of Arran, UK.
2015Iconic Interior painting. Fruscione Palace. Salerno, Italy
2014Dark Green Bright Green. Galleria MoCA. Rome, Italy
2013Roma Silenziosa, St Regis. Il Polittico Eventi. Rome, Italy
Calendario 2014, St. Regis. Il Polittico Eventi. Rome, Italy
Dark Green Bright Green. Encounter Palace. Rome, Italy
St. Francis and the places of His Spiritual way. Art Gallery le Logge, Assisi, Italy
2012Calendario 2013. St Regis.Il Polittico Eventi. Rome, Italy
2011Calendario 2012. Galleria Il Polittico. Rome, Italy
2010Calendario 2011. Galleria Il Polittico. Rome, Italy
Un Cibo senza tempo, Invito a cena con le Artisti. Galleria Il Polittico. Rome, Italy
Citta di Labro. Eventi Il Polittico. Labro, Umbria, Italy
2009Galleria Il Polittico ‘Calandario 2010’ (Roma)
2000Centre Culturel Francais, Palazzo delle Stelline ‘Misure Uniche per una collezione Part 2’ (Milan)
Teatro dell’Opera ‘Tosca’ (Roma)
Chiesa di Santa Lucia in Gonfalone ‘Stations of the Cross, Via Crucis (Roma)
Olympia Art Fair (London)
The London Art Fair (London)
2008Palazzo Incontro, Il Vittoriano ‘Per Amore, La Recolta Caggiano (Roma)
Galleria Il Polittico ‘Calandario 2009’ (Roma)
2007Chiesa di Santa Lucia in Gonfalone ‘Pala d’Altare St. Edith Stein’
2006Chiesa di Santa Lucia in Gonfalone ‘Job’ (Roma)
Aldo Brandini per l’Arte ’15 anni (Frascati, Roma)
2005Book Presentation ‘Storia molte volte narratta’ (Roma)
Gallery Flowers East ‘Chiaroscuro’ (London)
Galleria Il Polittico ‘Filosofia dei Fiori (Roma)
2004The Frissiras Museum, European Painting Award (Athens)
Museum. ‘Per Amore, La Recolta Gaggiano’ (Salerno)
Premio Morlotti (Imbersago)
2003Galleria Il Polittico ‘Citta di Terra, Citta di Mare’ (Roma)
Rome St. Regis Grande, ‘Arte in Hotel’ (Roma)
Hotel Regis Grande Rome, the Keen Suite
2002Flowers East Gallery ‘Small is Beautiful’ (London)
Museum ‘Artists of The Ideal, Nuovo Classicismo’ (Verona)
Galleria Il Polittico ‘Figlio Prodigo’ (Roma)
1999Museo Internazionale del Imagine postale Belvedere (Ostrense, Ancona)
Premio Bordighera (Italy)
Premio Morlotti (Imbersago, (Italy)
Galleria Reginella ‘Dessins’ (Roma)
Galleria Il Gabbiano ‘I corpi e le Mure’ (Roma)
Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento, Il Monumento Vittoriana ‘ La Pittura Ritrovata’ (Roma)
1998Sedia Bulgari. La Pittura della Gioa’ (Rome)Villa Strohl-FernLa casa della vita’ (Rome)
Museo Young. ‘Misure Uniche per una collezione Part 2’
Palazzo Ducale, (Rovere, Mantova)
1997Institut de France,Paul-Louis Weiller (Paris)
XXIV Premio Sulmona (Italy)
Galleria Don Chisciotte ‘I Buddenbrook e Roma’ (Rome)
1996Galleria Il Polittico Itinerante ‘Misure Unique per una Collectione’ (Rome,Lyon,Lisbon,Brussels,Grenoble)
Italian Cultural Institute (Brussels)
Italian Cultural Institute (Grenoble)
1995Institut de France,Paul-Louis Weiller (Paris)
Galleria Il Polittico ‘Lungotevere’ (Rome)
Galleria Il Polittico ‘Dodeci per Dodeci Mesi’ (Rome)
1994Art Fair Trevi (Italy)
Galerie France T (Paris)
1993Institut de France, Paul-Luis Weiller (Paris)
Galerie Catherine Guerard (Paris)
Gallerie Phillipe Fregnac (Paris)
1992Colas (Paris)
Travaux des Diplomes de L’ENSBA (Paris)
Salon des Artistes Francais, ENSBA students
1991Institut de France, Paul-Louis Weiller (Paris)
Fenetres sur l’art (Paris)
Institut de France, Andre et Berthe Noufflard (Paris)
Pignat Transport (Paris)
Lafuma (Paris)
Singer (Paris)
Citroen (Paris)
Mascarade Gallery (Villiers-sur-mer)
Dessins d’après Poussin (Paris)
1990Institut de France, Andre et Berthe Noufflard (Paris)
Fenetres sur l’art (Paris)

Collection BVLGARI
Collection Cerasi
Collection Rutelli
Collection Caggiano
Collection Swets
Collection Eaton





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