Concrete Barges

12 May 2021

Abandoned as a flood-defence after the D-Day landings a dozen, half-sunken, ferro-cement lighters flounder in the marshes beside the Tilda-Rice factory of Rainham. A wire ‘Diver’ sculpture by Kaufman emerges from the depths.

Rotting pirate corpses in creaking cages, swung in the crosswinds of Bugsby’s Reach, where the tide now runs in and out of Richard Wilson’s ’Slice of Reality’. His sawn-in-half ship gapes, dissected on the shore.

Anthony Gormley’s sculptures, forlorn and alone, stand firm on their posts in the rising and falling tide of Limehouse Reach.

Attracting the uninitiated into the cult’s sinister, smoky, high-tech cave, London’s Roman Temple of Mithras was where Sacred Bulls were ritually sacrificed. It was first removed, then reconstructed beneath the new Bloomberg building, which squats over the Sacred River Walbrook ‘doing its buisness’. Christina Inglesias’ ‘Forgotten Streams’ are fabulously foul, artistically odourless cesspools of humanity. These twin fountains of tarnished bronze, punch me cleverly below the belt.

Concrete Barges
near Coldharbour Lane
RM13 9YQ Rainham
United Kingdom